March 1 to 5, 2021

Second International
Joldasbekov Symposium
«Future Mechanics»

This Symposium is a platform for discussing the development trends of modern mechanics, mechanical engineering, and robotics by world-renowned scientists, expanding scientific ties and getting acquainted with new technologies and research methods, and increasing the young's competencies scientists. Within the Symposium framework, the School of Young Scientists will be held. Entrepreneurs engaged in the development and creation of new science-intensive products and technologies will take part.
Discussion of a wide range of theoretical and applied issues in the field of mechanics and robotics
Five-day program and a vast amount of content
The Symposium will bring together participants from all over the world
Speakers of the event are well-known scientists with a world name in the field of mechanics, mechanical engineering, and robotics
Zhumagulov B.T.
academician of NAS RK, chairman
Wolfson I.I.
professor (Russia), honorary chairman
Ualiev G.U.
academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
Ceccarelli M.
professor, past IFToMM President, ASME fellow, Dr Honoris Causa
Tuleshov A.K.
corresponding Member NAS RK, Deputy Chairman
Moldabekov M.M.
academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
Glazunov V.A.
professor (Russia)
Recep Halicioglu
professor, Member of Turkish Machine Theory Association (Turkey)
Tarek M.
Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering Lawrence Technological University (USA)
M. Mohanraj
professor of Mechanical Engineering(Hindusthan)
S.I. Kabanikhin
professor (Russia)
Abdraimov E.S.
professor (Kyrgyzstan)
Jacek Cieslik
professor (Poland)
Gholamreza Rouhi
PhD, Principal Investigator, Orthopedic and Dental Biomechanics Lab, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran (Iran)
Waldemar Wójcik
professor (Poland)
Algin V.B.
professor (Belarus)
Dzhumatayev М.S.
academician of NAS KR (Kyrgyzstan)
Dzhurayev А.D.
professor (Uzbekistan)
Kaltayev А.Zh.
professor (Kazakhstan)
Baigunchekov Zh.
Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Director of the Scientific and Educational Center "Digital Technologies and Robotics" KazNU named after al-Farabi, professor of Satbayev University (Kazakhstan)
Med Amine Laribi
Professor of the University of Poitiers, France
Said Zeghloul
Professor of the University of Poitiers, France
Poddubko S.N.
professor (Belarus)
Jomartov A.A.
academician of NIA RK, MIA (Kazakhstan)
Ivanov K.S.
professor (Kazakhstan)
Kaiym T.T.
professor (Kazakhstan)
Temirbekov E.S.
professor (Kazakhstan)
Ibraev S.M.
professor (Kazakhstan)

1. Zhumagulov B.Т., academician of National Academy of Sciences of Republic of Kazakhstan (NAS RK), Chairman
2. Wolfson I.I., professor (Russia), Honorary Chairman
3. Tuleshov А.К., corresponding member of NAS RK, Deputy Chairman
4. Temirbekov N.М., corresponding member of NAS RK, Deputy Chairman
5. Abdraimov E.S., professor (Kyrgyzstan)
6. Akhmedov D.Sh., professor (Kazakhstan)
7. Alexeeva L.А., professor (Kazakhstan)
8. Algin V.B., professor (Belarus)
9. Alshanov R.А., academician of National Engineering Academy (NEA) and International Engineering Academy (IEA) (Kazakhstan)
10. Amirgaliyev Ye.N., corr. member of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
11. Baigunchekov Zh.Zh., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
12. Bissembayev К., professor (Kazakhstan)
13. Ceccarelli Marco, professor (Italy)
14. Dosmukhambetov Т.М., academician of NEA RK (Kazakhstan)
15. Dzhamalov N.К., candidate of technical sciences (Kazakhstan)
16. Jomartov А.А., doctor of technical sciences (Kazakhstan)
17. Dzhumatayev М.S., academician of NAS KR (Kyrgyzstan)
18. Dzhurayev А.D. professor (Uzbekistan)
19. Glazunov V.А., professor (Russia)
20. Guskov А.М. professor (Russia)
21. Halicioglu R., professor (Turkey)
22. Ibrayev S.М., professor (Kazakhstan)
23. Iskakov Zh., professor (Kazakhstan)
24. Ivanov К.S., professor (Kazakhstan)
25. Jacek Cieslik, professor (Poland)
26. Kalimoldayev М.N., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
27. Kalmenov T.Sh., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
28. Kaltayev А.Zh., professor (Kazakhstan)
29. Khomchenko V.G., professor (Russia)
30. Koshekov К.Т., corr. member of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
31. Kydyrbekuly А.B., professor (Kazakhstan)
32. Matsevity Yu.М., academician of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)
33. Moldabekov М.М., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
34. Nadirov N.К., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
35. Ozhikenov К.А., professor (Kazakhstan)
36. Otelbaev M., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
37. Panovko G.Ya., professor (Russia)
38. Poddubko S.N., professor (Belarus)
39. Rakisheva Z.B., professor (Kazakhstan)
40. Sadybekov M.A., corr. member NAS RK
41. Seidakhmet А.Zh., professor (Kazakhstan)
42. Smelyagin А.I., professor (Russia)
43. Teltayev B.B., corr. member of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
44. Temirbekov Ye.S., professor (Kazakhstan)
45. Ualiyev G.U., academician of NAS RK (Kazakhstan)
46. Waldemar Wojcik, professor (Poland)
47. Yevsukov S.А., professor (Russia)
48. Zhantayev Zh.Sh., professor (Kazakhstan)
49. Zhappasbayev U.K., professor (Kazakhstan)
50. Jomartov А.Ch., academician of NEA RK, IEA (Kazakhstan)
51. Kaiym T.T., professor (Kazakhstan)

1. Tuleshov А.К. (Chairman)
2. Temirbekov N.М. (co-Chairman)
3. Jomartov А.А. (deputy Chairman)
4. Imangaliyev Е. (deputy Chairman)
5. Khabiev А.T. (executive secretary)
6. Madaliyev T.B.
7. Ozhiken А.К.
8. Aidarbekova Zh.B
9. Abduraimov А.
10. Kuatova М.Zh., Chairman of Union of young scientists
11. Kaimov S.Т.
12. Nurlayev Zh.
13. Ibrayeva А.S., Head of volunteer's group

Important dates
Abstract selection
Full paper submission
The Program of Joldasbekov's Symposium (online)
1st March 2021
Symposium on topical issues in mechanics:

а. Plenary meeting (morning)
б. Plenary meeting (evening)
1. Current items of theoretical mechanics
2. Fluid mechanics
3. Mechanics of deformable bodies and materials
4. General problems of mechanics of machine and robots
5. Computational mechanics
2nd -04th March
International scientific online conference on problems of mechanics of machines and robotics (further - IC MMR), dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of academician U. A. Joldasbekov
1. Mathematical and computer modelling in the field of applied mechanics
2. Dynamics, strength and reliability of machines and robots
3. Vibrations in mechanical and robot systems
4. Machine learning and design of robot systems
5. Artificial intelligence and digital technologies
6. Mechanics of new materials and nanoconstructions
7. Information and space technologies
8. Engineering and educational technologies
9. Problems and prospects of student science
5th -5th March 2021
School of postdoctoral researchers:

a) on the basis of department of "Mechanics" of Al-Farabi Kazakh national university
b) on the basis of department of «Robotics and automation technique» of Satbayev University
Lectures of leading scientists and professors on topical issues of student's training with specialization in «Mechanics», «Robotics» и «Mechatronics»
Registration fee
- for participants from the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries - 5000 tenge
- for foreign participants - $30
- for doctoral students-50% of the contribution amount (2500 tenge)
- reports of students and master's students are accepted free of charge

The registration fee includes the cost for:
- technical support of the conference;
- publication of the AIP Conference Proceedings in a peer-reviewed collected book in the Scopus, WoS database, the Russian science citation index and other databases;

In case of successful review of the article in the proceedings of the conference in AIP Conference Proceedings, it is necessary to add an amount of $ 60-90*. (* the amount depends on the number of works received)
Pay the registration fee by February 5, 2021, and send a confirmation of the payment (a copy of the payment order) by E-mail:

U. Joldasbekov Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (JIME)

Address: 29, Kurmangazy street, 050010, Almaty city;

Tel. 8 (727) 272-62-84 (accounting office), 272-62-70 (reception).


BIN 040740002682
IIC KZ9496502F0010593562
SC «ForteBank»
BC 16
Tel: 8 (727) 272-62-84

To participate in the Symposium
By February 1, 2020 to send a registration card for each author and information on the report:
full name of the author (s) of the report,
title and abstract of the report with the sign: C-Symposium, K-international conference and S - school of young scientists on the webpage


After to send the thesis (no more 6 pages A4) by February 1, 2021 by E-mail:


Articles submitted by conference participants will be reviewed, published in the proceedings, and plan to publish in AIP Conference Proceedings, indexed in Scopus, WoS and other databases.


Articles no more than 10 pages in size should be submitted in A4 format margins: 25 mm on the left, other board - 20 mm; Times New Roman font, 14 pt; single-line spacing, width alignment. Articles for publication should be sent to no later than February 20, 2021.

Rules and examples of how to design articles for publication in AIP Proceedings on the AIP website

The manuscripts will be reviewed. Only papers submitted at the conference are accepted for publication. Authors are recommended to allow no more than 20% self-citation in the list of cited literature, and at least 50% of cited works should be published no earlier than 2010

March 1 - 5, 2021
29 Kurmangazy Str., Almaty, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan, U. Joldasbekov Institute of Mechanics and Engineering
Address of the Organizing Committee:
29 Kurmangazy Str., Almaty, 050010, Republic of Kazakhstan,
U. Joldasbekov Institute of Mechanics and Engineering

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact us:
Tel.: +7(727) 272-34-26, tel/fax: +7(727) 272-62-70.
Khabiyev Alibek (mobile: +7 707 356 46 95)
Kuatova Moldir (mobile: +7 771 5070577)
Isjanova Karlygash (mobile: +7 707 2612967)

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